International Society for Transdisciplinary Studies on Ufology (ISTSU)

Société internationale des études transdisciplinaires en ovniologie (SIÉTO)

Publication of the first academic journal (bilingual, revised by the peers) dedicated to researches on ufology and phenomena associated to UFO sightings

Publication de la première revue universitaire (bilingue, révisée par les pairs) dédiée aux recherches sur l'ovniologie et les phénomènes associés aux observations d'ovnis

Learned Society

Join the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (of Canada) as a learned society;

Annual Conference

Organize an annual conference that meets academic standards, ideally under the auspices of the pan-Canadian congress of ACFAS, the Canadian organization that annually brings together all Canadian university conferences in the humanities and social sciences;

Scholarship Fund

Create a scholarship fund to reward one international student per year who has distinguished himself by a master’s thesis or a doctoral thesis in UFO studies.

Activities offered to members:

Participate in the annual conference, write scientific articles or reviews, etc.


Participate in the annual conference by presenting a conference (two formats: 20 min.; 45 min.);


Write scientific articles (4,000-6,000 words);
Write book reviews (500-1,000 words);


Opportunity to participate in the Editorial Board of the journal;


– Offer scholarships to students who stand out with a master’s thesis or a doctoral thesis;
– Reading workshops dedicated to UFO literature;
– Study internships in the most important UFO centers.

Our work

Document 1: Constitution of the SIÉTO / ISTSU
Document 2: Presentation of the SIÉTO / ISTSU, including the Register of sessions

First academic conference of the SIÉTO / ISTSU

Colloquium on Transdisciplinary Studies in UFOologyIn French and English May 2024, at the University ___________ (Canada) Possibility to participate remotelyPublication of the Conference Proceedings (in 2025) Scientific Steering Committee Dr[…]

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SIÉTO Academic Journal / Scholarly Journal of ISTSU

Project of the first university journal dedicated to UFOology, bilingual, rigorously peer-reviewed. We are looking for partnership and official association with university departments. First issue to be published in autumn[…]

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References of members and contributors

Marc LEDUCM.A. Education (Canada) President of UFO Québec from 1975 to 1984Author of several UFO books, including: several articles on Dr Jean-Jacques JAILLAT (Francophone Vice-Chairman)Ph.D. Philosophy (France) Author of[…]

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Executive committee

Members of the Executive Committee, elected in March 2022 for the year 2022-2023:


Yann Vadnais

Francophone Vice-President

Dr. Jean-Jacques Jaillat

Anglophone Vice-President

Chris Rutkowski

Francophone Secretary

To be determined


BlackCat SEO

English-speaking Secretary

Dr. Noah Morritt

Dr. Martin Janta-Polczynski

List of members

Learned society founded in March 2022.

Definition of the term “UFOology”:

Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences:

The organization in charge of the annual pan-Canadian conferences in the humanities and social sciences:

Canadian UFO Survey new link
Since 1989

CISU – Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici
Since 1985


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Student, retired or unemployed: $20 CND
Regular or professional: $50 CND
Developing countries: $5 CND

List of developing countries

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