SIÉTO Academic Journal / Scholarly Journal of ISTSU

International Society for Transdisciplinary Studies on Ufology (ISTSU)

SIÉTO Academic Journal / Scholarly Journal of ISTSU

Project of the first university journal dedicated to UFOology, bilingual, rigorously peer-reviewed.

We are looking for partnership and official association with university departments.

First issue to be published in autumn 2023.

International Journal of Transdisciplinary Studies in UFOology /
International Journal of Transdisciplinary Studies on Ufology

Editorial Board of the journal

Editor(s) in chief: (to be determined in January 2023)
Associate publisher(s):
(to be determined in January 2023)
Assistant Editor(s): (to be determined in January 2023)

Bilingual Reading Committee

Martin Janta-Polczynski, Ph.D. Computer Science and Social Sciences (Canada-Poland)

Marc Leduc, M.A. Education (Canada)

Edoardo Russo, M.A. Economy (Italy)

Yann Vadnais, B.A. Classical and Ancient Studies (Canada)

Francophone Reading Committee

Jean-Jacques Jaillat, Ph. D. Philosophy (France)

Bruno Mancusi, M.Sc. Chemistry (Switzerland)

Jean-Pierre Rospars, Ph.D. Neurobiology (France)

Manuel Wiroth, Ph.D. Contemporary history (Reunion)

English-language reading committee

Don Donderi, Ph.D. Psychology (Canada), Retired professor of McGill University

Noah Moritt, Ph.D. Folklore (Canada), Researcher at Memorial University of Newfoundland

Chris Rutkowski, M.Ed. Education (Canada), Media Relations and Lecturer at University of Manitoba

Richard Tortorella, Ph.D. Computer science (Canada)
Ass.-editor of Smart Learning Environments (University of Eastern Finland)

Would you like to contribute to this review?
You can submit articles (4000-6000 words, including notes)
or book reviews (500 words; 1000 words for books of +500 pages).

Write an objective report in English or French
Book -250 pages: 500 words/words (+/- 50)
Book +250 pages: 500-1000 words/words (+/- 100)
Book +500 pages: 1000-1500 words/words (+/- 150)

Lists of recent UFO works for which a review is desirable

Garpan Editions :

Guillemette, Tobi, L’OVNI pose dans le champ ufologique , Québec, Garpan, 2019, 414 p.

From experience to science. Conference Proceedings of the 2nd Canadian International Symposium on UFO Research (October 27-28, 2018)ed. Yann Vadnais, Québec, Garpan, 2021, 620 p.

Zurcher, Eric, Les Rencontres Rapprochées du 3e type en Italie, Un catalogue raisonné de 170 cas (1927-2012) , Québec, Garpan, 2019, 276 p.

Flying Disk France :

Preston Dennett, Santa Catalina Strait: Unidentified Underwater Objects and Alien Base Off California , Flying Disk France, 2022

JAMES CLARKSON, JUNE CRAIN, The Air Force and UFOs: Secrets of Wright Patterson Base 1942-1952 , Flying Disk France, 2022

MALCOLM ROBINSON, THE DECHMONT WOODS INCIDENT: The Livingston Incident, Scotland, 1979: Robert Taylor’s Experience , Flying Disk France, 2021

PAUL BLAKE SMITH, MO41: A 1941 UFO crash in Missouri: The Cape Girardeau File , Flying Disk France, 2021


Paul STONEHILL, OANIs in RUSSIA: Unidentified Aquatic Objects in Russian and International Waters , Flying Disk France, 2020.

Farcaas, Dan D., UFOs in ROMANIA , Flying Disk France, 2020.

Roberto Pinotti, UFO CONTACTS in Italy – Volume 1 (1907-1978) , Flying Disk France, 2020.

Calvin Parker, Pascagoula 1973, my close encounter , Flying Disk France, 2020.


Arnaud. Esquerre, Theory of extraterrestrial events. Essay on the Fantastic Narrative, Fayard, 2016.

Bonvin, Fabrice, UFOs & Consciousness: Volume 2. Practical Guide to Close Encounter of the 5th Type, JMG, Agnières, 2021, 149 p.

Borne, Rémy, L’ufologie en Touraine : Catalogue des observations OVNI , JMG, Agnières, 2021, 395 p.

Bousquet, Bruno, UFO, A Field Investigator testifies. 40 years of ufology, JMG, 2019, 280 p.

Bousquet, Bruno, Mystères en Pays d’Oc, Catalogue général des observations d’OVNI dans le département de l’Hérault , Lacour, 2020, 229 p.

Bragi, Bellovaque, Bigfoot, Dogman, entre materialalité et immatérialité , 2021, 122 p.

Canuti, Thibaut, Histoire de l’ufologie Française – Le temps des officiels , JMG, 2019, 330 p.

Casault, Jean, Cinquante ans d’ufologie profonde Tome 1 , Louise Courteau, 2021, 236 p.

Cordier, Francine & Seray, Patrice, La face cachée de l’ufologie , Lulu, 2019, 436 p.

Gaulin, Thierry, OVNI en Méditerranée L’oeil du sphinx Oeil du Sphinx , Paris, 2021, 130 p.

Matisse, Sylvain, OANI Complements of investigation , Saint Martin, 2019, 362 p.

Mesnard, Joel, Confrontations extraterrestre : Les dossiers non classés , Mercure Dauphinois, Grenoble, 2021, 302 p.

Pascoli, Gianni, Glows on Hessdalen: Do aliens visit us? , Publishroom Factory, 2020, 372 p.

Piccoli, Raymond, La foudre en boule , 2021

Robin, Daniel, UFOs: from official secrecy to the limits of science. An itinerary in the unknown, Mercure dauphinois, Grenoble, 2020, 455 p.


Bauer, Conrad, Unidentifed Submerged Objects , Independently published, 2021, 76 p.

Beckley, Timothy Green & Casteel, Sean, Alien Lives Matter: It’s OK to Be Grey , Inner Light, New York, 2021, 538 p.

Booher, David, No Return: The Gerry Irwin Story, UFO Abduction or Covert Operation? , New Publisher, 2019, 242 p.

Borraz Aymerich, Manuel & Ballester Olmos, Vicente-Juan, The Marfa Lights: Examining the Photographic Evidence (2003-2007) , UPIAR, Torino, 2020, 179 p.

Brewer, Jack, Wayward Sons, NICAP And the IC , Amazon, 2021, 272 p.

Coulthart, Ross, In Plain Sight: An Investigation into Ufos and Impossible Science , Harper Collins, Sydney, 2021, 344 p.

Cox, Geoffrey, The Fall of Ufology: Don’t Bother Me with Your Deceit , Outskirts Press, 2021, 199 p.

Fowler, Raymond, UFOs: the Ultimate Abduction. We Are Property, Seacost Press, Portsmouth, 2020, 384 p.

Gonzalez, Luis R., An Alien in My Mailbox , Coliseo Sentosa, Santiago, 2021, 274 p.

Haisell, David, The Control Factor , 2020.

Hooper-Scharf, Terry, Contact! Encounters with Extra-Terrestrial Entities?, Black Tower Boos, Bristol, 2019, 371 p.

Hooper-Scharf, Terry, Beyond UFO Contact: Alies from Mind, Time and Space , Black Tower Boos, Bristol, 2020, 349 p.

Jamaludin, Ahmad, UFOs, Earthquakes and the Straight Line Mysery : The Answer to the UFO Enigma , Flying Disk Press, Pontefract, 2021, 234 p.

Kastrup, Bernardo, Meaning in Absurdity: What bizarre phenomena can tell us about the nature of reality , 2012.

Lakatski, J. & Kelleher, C. & Knapp, G., Skinkwalkers at te Pentagon: An Insider’s Account of Secret Government UFO Program , RTMA, Henderson (NV), 2021, 225 p.

Mantle, Philip, UFO Landings UK , Flying Disk Press, 2020, 259 p.

Marsh, Roger, UFO Cases of Interest: 2019 Edition , Independently published, 2019, 338 p.

Mason, Robert L., The UFO Experience Reconsidered: Science and Speculation , 2008.

Mitrovic, George, UFOs, Humanoids and Strange Phenomena of Italy and Easter Europe , Amazon, 2021, 297 p.

O’Brien, Christopher, Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery , 2014.

Pinotti, Roberto, UFO Contacts in Italy vol. 2 , Flying Disk Press, 2020, 249 p.

Randle, Kevin, Levelland , Flying Disk Press, 2021, 247 p.

Redfern, Nick, Flying Saucers from the Kremlin UFOs, Russian Meddling, Soviet Spies & Cold War Secrets , Lisa Hagan, 2019, 242 p.

Rendall, Graheme, UFOs Before Roswell: European Foo-Fighters 1940-1945 , Reiver Country Books, 2021, 553 p.

Ridge, Francis, Cap Point , Lang, 2021, 293 p.

Scoles, Sarah, They Are Already Here :UFO Culture and Why We See Saucers , Pegasus, 2020, 304 p.

Shough, Martin, Redemption of the Damned. Vol. 1: Aerial Phenomena, A Centennial Re-evaluation of Charles Fort’s ‘Book of the Damned’, Anomalist Books, 2019, 412 p.


Sprague, Ryan, Somewhere in the Skies: A Human Approach to an Alien Phenomenon , Beyond The Fray, 2020, 284 p.

Svahn, Clas, Files of the Unexplained : The hidden history and forgotten photographs from the world of the unknown , AFU, Norrkoping, 2019, 128 p.

Ticchetti, Thiago Luiz, UFO Contacts in Brazil , Flying Disk Press, 2019, 580 p.

Vallée, Jacques & Leopizzi Harris, Paola, Trinity: The Best Kept Secret , Starwork & Documatica, 2021, 335 p.

Ziegelmeyer, Debbie, The Alien Colonization of Earth’s Waterways: A Reference Guide to UFO/USO Water-Related Activity , Un-X Media, 2021, 240 p.

Zirger, Michel, In Defense of the Contactees: The Questions Answered! , CreateSpace, 2020, 184 p.


Abusleme Hoffman, Patricio, OVNIs en Chile : Cronica sobre encuestros reales con objetos volanes non identificados y sus eventuales tripulantes , Terra incognita, Santiago, 202, 350 p.

Caravaca, José Antonio, Distortion : OVNIs, apariciones marianas, bigfoot… , Guante blanco, 2019, 638 p.

Campo Perez, Ricardo, El fenómeno ovni en Canarias desde 1981 a 2015 , Coliseo Sentosa, Santiago, 2020, 784 p.

Campo, Ricardo , El OVNI de Canarias : Historia y análisis de una creación periodística , Idea, 2019, 372 p.

Gauthier, Rodolpho, La invencion de los discos voladores : Guerra fria, prensa y ciencia en Brasil , Coliseo, Sentosa, Santiago, 2021, 254 p.

Kottmeyer, Martin, La gran ilusion extraterrestre , Coliseo Sentosa, Santiago, 2020, 374 p.

Kottmeyer, Martin, Extraterrestres bajo la lupa , Coliseo Sentosa, Santiago, 2020, 374 p.

Morey Ripoll, Matias, Cielos despejados : Escritos de un ufologo despiés de los ovnis , Coliseo Sentosa, Santiago, 2021, 206 p.

Pedrero Gomez, Miguel, OVNIs: mensajeros de la conciencia global: La respuesta definitiva , Cydonia, Porrino, 2020, 324 p.

Sanchez Rodriguez, Sergio, Erase una vez en ovnilandia – Tomo III El gran enigma de la imaginacion ufologica , Coliseo, Sentosa, Santiago, 2020

Solla Varela, Carlos , A vaga dos pratinos voantes : O fenomeno ovni na prensa galega (1947-1950) , Morgante, Cangas do Morrazo, 2020, 246 p.

Utrilla Vizmanos, Daniel, Mi ovni de la perestroika , Libros del K.O., 2021, 648 p.

Zuniga, Diego, Un marciano en Alemania : Una fotografia que no cambiò la his

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