First academic conference of the SIÉTO / ISTSU

International Society for Transdisciplinary Studies on Ufology (ISTSU)

First academic conference of the SIÉTO / ISTSU

Colloquium on Transdisciplinary Studies in UFOology
In French and English

May 2024, at the University ___________ (Canada)
Possibility to participate remotely
Publication of the Conference Proceedings (in 2025)


Scientific Steering Committee

Dr Jean-Jacques JAILLAT, Ph.D. Philosophy (France)
Dr Laurent KASPROWICZ, Ph.D. Sociology (France)
Dr Martin JANTA-POLCZYNSKI, Ph.D. Computer science and social sciences (Poland, Canada)
Edoardo RUSSO, M.A. Economy (Canada)
Dr Richard TORTORELLA, Ph.D. Computer science (Canada)
Yann VADNAIS, B.A. Classical and Ancient Studies (Canada)
7th member (to be determined)
8th member (to be determined)

To participate, please send us your paper proposal (300 words).
Participants will be confirmed on September 30, 2023.

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