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International Society for Transdisciplinary Studies on Ufology (ISTSU)

First academic conference of the SIÉTO / ISTSU

Colloquium on Transdisciplinary Studies in UFOologyIn French and English May 2024, at the University ___________ (Canada) Possibility to participate remotelyPublication of the Conference Proceedings (in 2025) Scientific Steering Committee Dr Jean-Jacques JAILLAT, Ph.D. Philosophy (France)Dr Laurent KASPROWICZ, Ph.D. Sociology (France)Dr Martin JANTA-POLCZYNSKI, Ph.D. Computer science and social sciences (Poland, Canada)Edoardo RUSSO, M.A. Economy (Canada)Dr Richard…
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SIÉTO Academic Journal / Scholarly Journal of ISTSU

Project of the first university journal dedicated to UFOology, bilingual, rigorously peer-reviewed. We are looking for partnership and official association with university departments. First issue to be published in autumn 2023. International Journal of Transdisciplinary Studies in UFOology / International Journal of Transdisciplinary Studies on Ufology Editorial Board of the journal Editor(s) in chief: (to…
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References of members and contributors

Marc LEDUCM.A. Education (Canada) President of UFO Québec from 1975 to 1984 Author of several UFO books, including: several articles on Dr Jean-Jacques JAILLAT (Francophone Vice-Chairman)Ph.D. Philosophy (France) Author of several UFO works, including: Dr. Martin JANTA-POLCZYNSKI (Treasurer)Ph.D. Computer Science and Social Sciences (Canada-Poland) Bruno MANCUSIM.Sc. Chimie (Suisse) Chimiste diplômé de l’Université de Lausanne,…
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Register of meetings

15 February 2022 Français 24 February 2022 English 10 March 2022 English 16 March 2022 Français April 20, 2022 Official recording11 June 2022 English 12 June 2022 Français …Annual Meeting December 2022 English & Français

Lists of recent UFO works for which a review is desirable

Instructions / Instructions: Write an objective report in English or FrenchBook -250 pages: 500 words/words (+/- 50)Book +250 pages: 500-1000 words/words (+/- 100)Book +500 pages: 1000-1500 words/words (+/- 150) Garpan Editions : Guillemette, Tobi, L’OVNI pose dans le champ ufologique , Québec, Garpan, 2019, 414 p. From experience to science. Conference Proceedings of the 2nd…
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