Lists of recent UFO works for which a review is desirable

International Society for Transdisciplinary Studies on Ufology (ISTSU)

Lists of recent UFO works for which a review is desirable

Instructions / Instructions:

Write an objective report in English or French
Book -250 pages: 500 words/words (+/- 50)
Book +250 pages: 500-1000 words/words (+/- 100)
Book +500 pages: 1000-1500 words/words (+/- 150)

Garpan Editions :

Guillemette, Tobi, L’OVNI pose dans le champ ufologique , Québec, Garpan, 2019, 414 p.

From experience to science. Conference Proceedings of the 2nd Canadian International Symposium on UFO Research (October 27-28, 2018)ed. Yann Vadnais, Québec, Garpan, 2021, 620 p.

Zurcher, Eric, Les Rencontres Rapprochées du 3e type en Italie, Un catalogue raisonné de 170 cas (1927-2012) , Québec, Garpan, 2019, 276 p.

Flying Disk France :

Preston Dennett, Santa Catalina Strait: Unidentified Underwater Objects and Alien Base Off California , Flying Disk France, 2022

JAMES CLARKSON, JUNE CRAIN, The Air Force and UFOs: Secrets of Wright Patterson Base 1942-1952 , Flying Disk France, 2022

MALCOLM ROBINSON, THE DECHMONT WOODS INCIDENT: The Livingston Incident, Scotland, 1979: Robert Taylor’s Experience , Flying Disk France, 2021

PAUL BLAKE SMITH, MO41: A 1941 UFO crash in Missouri: The Cape Girardeau File , Flying Disk France, 2021


Paul STONEHILL, OANIs in RUSSIA: Unidentified Aquatic Objects in Russian and International Waters , Flying Disk France, 2020.

Farcaas, Dan D., UFOs in ROMANIA , Flying Disk France, 2020.

Roberto Pinotti, UFO CONTACTS in Italy – Volume 1 (1907-1978) , Flying Disk France, 2020.

Calvin Parker, Pascagoula 1973, my close encounter , Flying Disk France, 2020.


Arnaud. Esquerre, Theory of extraterrestrial events. Essay on the Fantastic Narrative, Fayard, 2016.

Bonvin, Fabrice, UFOs & Consciousness: Volume 2. Practical Guide to Close Encounter of the 5th Type, JMG, Agnières, 2021, 149 p.

Borne, Rémy, L’ufologie en Touraine : Catalogue des observations OVNI , JMG, Agnières, 2021, 395 p.

Bousquet, Bruno, UFO, A Field Investigator testifies. 40 years of ufology, JMG, 2019, 280 p.

Bousquet, Bruno, Mystères en Pays d’Oc, Catalogue général des observations d’OVNI dans le département de l’Hérault , Lacour, 2020, 229 p.

Bragi, Bellovaque, Bigfoot, Dogman, entre materialalité et immatérialité , 2021, 122 p.

Canuti, Thibaut, Histoire de l’ufologie Française – Le temps des officiels , JMG, 2019, 330 p.

Casault, Jean, Cinquante ans d’ufologie profonde Tome 1 , Louise Courteau, 2021, 236 p.

Cordier, Francine & Seray, Patrice, La face cachée de l’ufologie , Lulu, 2019, 436 p.

Gaulin, Thierry, OVNI en Méditerranée L’oeil du sphinx Oeil du Sphinx , Paris, 2021, 130 p.

Matisse, Sylvain, OANI Complements of investigation , Saint Martin, 2019, 362 p.

Mesnard, Joel, Confrontations extraterrestre : Les dossiers non classés , Mercure Dauphinois, Grenoble, 2021, 302 p.

Pascoli, Gianni, Glows on Hessdalen: Do aliens visit us? , Publishroom Factory, 2020, 372 p.

Piccoli, Raymond, La foudre en boule , 2021

Robin, Daniel, UFOs: from official secrecy to the limits of science. An itinerary in the unknown, Mercure dauphinois, Grenoble, 2020, 455 p.


Bauer, Conrad, Unidentifed Submerged Objects , Independently published, 2021, 76 p.

Beckley, Timothy Green & Casteel, Sean, Alien Lives Matter: It’s OK to Be Grey , Inner Light, New York, 2021, 538 p.

Booher, David, No Return: The Gerry Irwin Story, UFO Abduction or Covert Operation? , New Publisher, 2019, 242 p.

Borraz Aymerich, Manuel & Ballester Olmos, Vicente-Juan, The Marfa Lights: Examining the Photographic Evidence (2003-2007) , UPIAR, Torino, 2020, 179 p.

Brewer, Jack, Wayward Sons, NICAP And the IC , Amazon, 2021, 272 p.

Coulthart, Ross, In Plain Sight: An Investigation into Ufos and Impossible Science , Harper Collins, Sydney, 2021, 344 p.

Cox, Geoffrey, The Fall of Ufology: Don’t Bother Me with Your Deceit , Outskirts Press, 2021, 199 p.

Fowler, Raymond, UFOs: the Ultimate Abduction. We Are Property, Seacost Press, Portsmouth, 2020, 384 p.

Gonzalez, Luis R., An Alien in My Mailbox , Coliseo Sentosa, Santiago, 2021, 274 p.

Haisell, David, The Control Factor , 2020.

Hooper-Scharf, Terry, Contact! Encounters with Extra-Terrestrial Entities?, Black Tower Boos, Bristol, 2019, 371 p.

Hooper-Scharf, Terry, Beyond UFO Contact: Alies from Mind, Time and Space , Black Tower Boos, Bristol, 2020, 349 p.

Jamaludin, Ahmad, UFOs, Earthquakes and the Straight Line Mysery : The Answer to the UFO Enigma , Flying Disk Press, Pontefract, 2021, 234 p.

Kastrup, Bernardo, Meaning in Absurdity: What bizarre phenomena can tell us about the nature of reality , 2012.

Lakatski, J. & Kelleher, C. & Knapp, G., Skinkwalkers at te Pentagon: An Insider’s Account of Secret Government UFO Program , RTMA, Henderson (NV), 2021, 225 p.

Mantle, Philip, UFO Landings UK , Flying Disk Press, 2020, 259 p.

Marsh, Roger, UFO Cases of Interest: 2019 Edition , Independently published, 2019, 338 p.

Mason, Robert L., The UFO Experience Reconsidered: Science and Speculation , 2008.

Mitrovic, George, UFOs, Humanoids and Strange Phenomena of Italy and Easter Europe , Amazon, 2021, 297 p.

O’Brien, Christopher, Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery , 2014.

Pinotti, Roberto, UFO Contacts in Italy vol. 2 , Flying Disk Press, 2020, 249 p.

Randle, Kevin, Levelland , Flying Disk Press, 2021, 247 p.

Redfern, Nick, Flying Saucers from the Kremlin UFOs, Russian Meddling, Soviet Spies & Cold War Secrets , Lisa Hagan, 2019, 242 p.

Rendall, Graheme, UFOs Before Roswell: European Foo-Fighters 1940-1945 , Reiver Country Books, 2021, 553 p.

Ridge, Francis, Cap Point , Lang, 2021, 293 p.

Scoles, Sarah, They Are Already Here :UFO Culture and Why We See Saucers , Pegasus, 2020, 304 p.

Shough, Martin, Redemption of the Damned. Vol. 1: Aerial Phenomena, A Centennial Re-evaluation of Charles Fort’s ‘Book of the Damned’, Anomalist Books, 2019, 412 p.


Sprague, Ryan, Somewhere in the Skies: A Human Approach to an Alien Phenomenon , Beyond The Fray, 2020, 284 p.

Svahn, Clas, Files of the Unexplained : The hidden history and forgotten photographs from the world of the unknown , AFU, Norrkoping, 2019, 128 p.

Ticchetti, Thiago Luiz, UFO Contacts in Brazil , Flying Disk Press, 2019, 580 p.

Vallée, Jacques & Leopizzi Harris, Paola, Trinity: The Best Kept Secret , Starwork & Documatica, 2021, 335 p.

Ziegelmeyer, Debbie, The Alien Colonization of Earth’s Waterways: A Reference Guide to UFO/USO Water-Related Activity , Un-X Media, 2021, 240 p.

Zirger, Michel, In Defense of the Contactees: The Questions Answered! , CreateSpace, 2020, 184 p.


Abusleme Hoffman, Patricio, OVNIs en Chile : Cronica sobre encuestros reales con objetos volanes non identificados y sus eventuales tripulantes , Terra incognita, Santiago, 202, 350 p.

Caravaca, José Antonio, Distortion : OVNIs, apariciones marianas, bigfoot… , Guante blanco, 2019, 638 p.

Campo Perez, Ricardo, El fenómeno ovni en Canarias desde 1981 a 2015 , Coliseo Sentosa, Santiago, 2020, 784 p.

Campo, Ricardo , El OVNI de Canarias : Historia y análisis de una creación periodística , Idea, 2019, 372 p.

Gauthier, Rodolpho, La invencion de los discos voladores : Guerra fria, prensa y ciencia en Brasil , Coliseo, Sentosa, Santiago, 2021, 254 p.

Kottmeyer, Martin, La gran ilusion extraterrestre , Coliseo Sentosa, Santiago, 2020, 374 p.

Kottmeyer, Martin, Extraterrestres bajo la lupa , Coliseo Sentosa, Santiago, 2020, 374 p.

Morey Ripoll, Matias, Cielos despejados : Escritos de un ufologo despiés de los ovnis , Coliseo Sentosa, Santiago, 2021, 206 p.

Pedrero Gomez, Miguel, OVNIs: mensajeros de la conciencia global: La respuesta definitiva , Cydonia, Porrino, 2020, 324 p.

Sanchez Rodriguez, Sergio, Erase una vez en ovnilandia – Tomo III El gran enigma de la imaginacion ufologica , Coliseo, Sentosa, Santiago, 2020

Solla Varela, Carlos , A vaga dos pratinos voantes : O fenomeno ovni na prensa galega (1947-1950) , Morgante, Cangas do Morrazo, 2020, 246 p.

Utrilla Vizmanos, Daniel, Mi ovni de la perestroika , Libros del K.O., 2021, 648 p.

Zuniga, Diego, Un marciano en Alemania : Una fotografia que no cambiò la historia , Coliseo Sentosa , Santiago, 2020, 157 p.

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